Official Music Video / Directed by Derek Simpson.


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Sweet T. Slater,

could I get some more sugar for the road?

I won't be seeing you til' later,

and I'll be thirsty, you know..

We dance til' the morning,

this painless burning up

so romantically foreign

I cannot get enough

you taste like honey and sunshine

would you be down to spend

forever together sometime?

my lover my best..

Sweet Queen Nature

you brought me to my feet when I awoke

to what do I owe the pleasure

meeting your interesting folk?

You're crackin' me open

my yolk drippin' yellow

when you joke I am laughin'

the happiest fellow

for 44 lightyears in every direction

I feel it move right through,

Nothin' is in my possession

Nothin' is in my possession


Nothin' is

Nothin' is


Nothin' is in my possession

and I'm feelin' alright!

Derek Simpson