Open Water

cover art by  Joshua Tarantino

cover art by Joshua Tarantino

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Day got played out like a movie

De La Soul, Fela Kuti

Headphone tune you out

Head bobbin’ like a buoy (Like a booty)

Dum Surfer ridin’ groovy

Two solo bowls of dewy

Drama turn to somethin’ light

For a scene then back to Louie

What a day, what a dark comedy

One little complaint, end up losin’ all my teeth!

I’m swimmin’ out to the coral reef

No one to love, no one to bother me!

You’re free to grow, you’re free to dive

You’re free to try all that you know to survive

Open Water

You’re free to fear what you decide

Free to believe that’s what will keep you alive

Open Water

Day just fade out like a movie

Life is short, not sure who knew me

Reckless companions got me by (Friends!)

Too late make a Uey

Just a vibe, nothin’ spooky

Too wavy to be moody

My hologram sing the hits, (Free Pac)

Do a dance, and smoke a doobie

What a day, what a dark comedy

Llewyn Davis got the same jacket as me

Been on a raft soakin’ sun, tryna sleep

Tomorrow morning I’ll try to find my peace

You’re free to ego, free to pride

Free to believe that there’s a you and an I

You’re free to hear a word inside

Free to believe that you’ve already arrived

Derek Simpson